VFW Memorial Post 6704
4907 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, (717)761-1778
Auxiliary Officers

 President:   Dale Lepore  Conductress:   Cathy Kirk
 Sr.Vice President:   Marge Myers  Patriotic Instructor:   Nancy Kreiner
 Jr.Vice President:   Joann Meeks
 1st Year Trustee:   Joann Meek
 Treasurer:   Loretta Freyser
 2nd Year Trustee:   Wendy Yohe
 Secretary:   Marie Ziegler  3rd Year Trustee:   Donna Bennett
 Chaplain:   Sue Wood  Guard:   Michael McDaniel
Auxiliary President

Dale Lepore

2017 - 2018
Past Presidents

* Deceased
Verna Rider* 1947-48    Gladys Gheen* 1980-81
Carrie Cromleigh* 1948-49    Gladys Gheen* 1981-82
Carrie Cromleigh* 1949-50    Helen L. Wert 1982-83
Alice Rupp* 1950-51    Gladys Gheen* 1983-84
Anna H. Baker* 1951-52    Gladys Gheen* 1984-85
Lillian Vandergrift* 1952-53    Viola Bender* 1985-86
Marie Kraybill* 1953-54    Sylvia Diane Beistline 1986-87
Ada Nailor* 1954-55    Sylvia Diane Beistline 1987-88
Annabelle Love 1955-56    Charlotte E. Gallagher 1988-89
Annabelle Love 1956-57    Charlotte E. Gallagher 1989-90
Ann Plattenburg 1957-58    Charlotte E. Gallagher 1990-91
Sara Graham* 1958-59    Charlotte E. Gallagher 1991-92
Betty Fertenbaugh* 1959-60    Emma Jane Stoner 1992-93
Viola Bender* 1960-61    Melody Orr 1993-94
Mary Hoffman* 1961-62    Melody Orr 1994-95
Marian Butcher* 1962-63    Charlotte E. Gallagher 1995-96
Marian Butcher* 1963-64    Linda J. Himes 1996-97
Miriam Leard* 1964-65    Linda J. Himes 1997-98
Viola Bender* 1965-66    Beverly Raber 1998-99
Jeanne Hertzler* 1966-67    Beverly Raber 1999-00
Mary Williams (Vicondias)* 1967-68    Beverly Raber 2000-01
Agnes Moyer* 1968-69    Sylvia Diane Beistline 2001-02
Mary Gignac 1969-70    Sylvia Diane Beistline 2002-03
Gladys Gheen* 1970-71    Marie Deissroth 2003-04
Dorothy Tinkey* 1971-72    Nancy Kreiner 2004-05
Annabelle Reedy Snyder 1972-73    Nancy Kreiner 2005-06
Christine Kutz* 1973-74    Nancy Kreiner 2006-07
Mary Dunkinson Reese 1974-75    Nancy Kreiner 2007-08
Mary Dunkinson Reese 1975-76    Nancy Kreiner 2008-09
Betty WiIIiams* 1976-77    Nancy Kreiner 2009-10
Beryl Beistline* 1977-78    Nancy Kreiner 2010-11
Beryl Beistline* 1978-79    Deborah McClintock 2011-12
Sylvia Diane Beistline 1979-80    Deborah McClintock 2012-13
       Nancy Kreiner 2013-14
       Dale Lepore 2014-17
President's Corner

Hello everyone,
Happy Fourth of July.  It is the start of a new year and YES there are still changes that will be occurring.  The first change will be for ALL LIFE MEMBERS, you will be receiving new cards in the mail in the month of July.  Please do not throw them away.  If you are one of the members with a metal card, you can keep the card for memories, however, those cards will no longer be recognized since they were issued under Ladies VFW Auxiliary.  Our new cards will read VFW Auxiliary.  The VFW National Store will not be selling the metal cards anymore for your personal purchase either.  

Every member in good standing receives their VFW Auxiliary magazine.  In this month’s issue, there are a few important articles I think everyone should be aware of.  There is an article on the new payment of our dues, called MALTA.  Our Program and Leadership Conference is on August 11-13th at the Radisson Hotel in Camp Hill.  This is for all members and there will be a class for learning about the MALTA PROGRAM AT THIS CONFERENCE.  There is another article about a National program to enhance your Auxiliaries membership and help with your Auxiliaries attaining completion in all the other programs.  Since this is our 70th Anniversary year, this would be a wonderful way to celebrate our Auxiliary and all the accomplishments over the years, by putting on a community Fun Festival.  

This past year was a banner year and I contribute the success of the Auxiliary to ALL the Auxiliary Members.  EACH One WORKED AS A TEAM.  THANK YOU.  WE CAN DO IT AGAIN.  We are beginning a new year and we are looking for all our members who have left our Auxiliary for some reason or another.  We would like to invite you back and we are seeking fresh new ideas.  We have a community service member who sets up fundraisers for us and we strive to assist the Veterans in the community and adopt a unit each year.  

We invite you and any family member who is eligible male and female to come and join our Auxiliary.  Our Buddy Poppy display has taken first place at Department Convention in Category 3 and will be going to National for judging there.  Thank you to our member who worked hard on the display as she was recuperating from surgery.  We will ask for her help again, but not for her to go through surgery to make a display.  Just kidding.  

Thank you again and I hope to see more of our members and some of those members who have taken a leave of absence come back.

Thank you for all you do for the Veterans, please keep supporting our Post, our Veterans and the Auxiliary in the New Year.   We are here because of a Veteran.  Let’s make this a strong Post/Auxiliary. 

Dale Lepore Auxiliary President

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